Now that you've added a new view to your application, you can start building out the details of that view.

In the process, you'll likely want to turn to some off-the-shelf components, for example from

Once you've identified a component you'd like to install, you'll want to find the npm package name for the component.

In this step, you'll add Polymer's <paper-checkbox> element to your app.

Run the following command from your root project folder:

npm install @polymer/paper-checkbox@next --save
  1. Open src/my-new-view.js in a text editor.

  2. Import paper-checkbox.js.

    Add this import beneath the existing import for polymer-element.js:

    import '@polymer/paper-checkbox/paper-checkbox.js';
  3. Add the <paper-checkbox> element to the template for the element.

    <paper-checkbox>Ready to deploy!</paper-checkbox>

    You can add it under the <h1> you added in the previous step. Your template function should now look like this:


    static get template() {
      return html`
        <style include="shared-styles">
          :host {
            display: block;
            padding: 10px;
        <div class="card">
          <div class="circle">1</div>
          <h1>New View</h1>
          <paper-checkbox>Ready to deploy!</paper-checkbox>
          <p>New view!</p>

You should be able to see the paper-checkbox working in your new view now:

Example of page with checkbox

Now that you've added a 3rd-party component to your page, learn how to deploy the app to the web.