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Polymer Project

Libraries, tools, and standards for a better web: LitElement, lit-html, web components...


About the Polymer Project

As front-end engineers in the Chrome team, our mission is to make the web better.

We work on
libraries & tools

to help developers unlock the web’s full potential, taking advantage of cutting-edge features like Web Components, Service Workers and HTTP/2.

We experiment with
new patterns

for building faster and smaller web applications.

We advocate for

helping ensure that web developers have a strong voice in the process.

Why Web Components?

We’re best known for our work on Web Components, a set of modern web standards that give you the power to extend HTML.

With Web Components, you can create and share custom elements that work on any site, interoperate seamlessly with the browser’s built-in elements, and play nicely with frameworks of all kinds.

If you like, you can build your app entirely out of Web Components. Breaking your app up into right-sized components helps make your code cleaner and less expensive to maintain.

Products like LitElement and PWA Starter Kit make Web Components easier to use and highlight best practices, helping you get great results.

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Latest news

LitElement 3.0 & lit-html 2.0: Early Preview Release

Preview the next major versions of LitElement and lit-html.

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Native Web Components come to Microsoft Edge

With the release of Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge, all major evergreen browsers now support Web Components natively.

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Lightning-fast templates & Web Components: lit-html & LitElement

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